Hans Koppel

I love finding new crime fiction authors whose novels I have not yet read. Swedish author Hans Koppel (pen name for Petter Lidbeck) is my latest discovery.

She’s Never Coming Back

Ylva Zetterberg does not come home after work on Friday night. Her husband Mike gets irritated and thinks she has been unfaithful (again). He becomes the main suspect when he finally reports the disappearance to the police. Time passes and Mike starts to accept that his wife most likely has been killed, but the readers know that she is being held prisoner in a house nearby. At the same time several of her high school friends die.

Scary! I had to read the novel from cover to cover because I would definitely have had nightmares otherwise. The motive is revenge and an event in the past is the cause of the crime. Excellent novel!

You’re Mine Now

Anna Stenberg goes to a conference and has a brief fling with a young man. When Anna wants to save her marriage and end the affair he starts stalking her. In the first chapter we get to know that the man murdered his mother, so we now that it will not end well.

The novel is the second part of a planned trilogy and I look forward to the next part although this one did not live up to my expectations. It simply was not as suspenseful as the first part.

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