Grebe & Träff’s Third Novel

These sisters can write! Their raw talent is obvious in this novel. It is the third in the series about therapist Siri Bergman. I had not read the other two but that was not a problem at all.

The Storyline

A few years ago Siri Bergman’s husband committed suicide, which made a deep impact on her. But despite that she succeeded in rebuilding her life with a new man and now they have a son together. When Siri decides to get rid of her first husband’s belongings she finds a few things that make her wonder if she knew him at all. After some investigating she starts to suspect that her husband’s death is connected to an old unsolved murder. Her friends and family ask her to leave it alone, but she still continues her investigation…

Great Potential

The Grebe/Träff sisters could be extremely successful. But, and it is a big but, there are two things that are holding them back. The first is their main character Siri Bergman, that character can kill the most exciting story. The second is that the novel could use some more editing, there are small details, for example all chapters have someone that is too cold or shivers, which pulls down the rating (and the book also suffers somewhat from the “coffee-disease”).


Translators Note: I do not know when the novel will be published in English and what the title will be. Original title in Swedish: Innan du dog. Direct translation: Before You Died.


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