Falleri fallera falleralla by Carin Gerhardsen

Two people are brutally murdered on a street in Stockholm, Sweden. It is a woman and a boy, who do not know each other. The case ends up with the Hammarby Police and it turns out that the murders are tied to other murders, but is it the same killer?

We get to follow all the policemen/women in the group, and they all struggle with issues. Sjöberg’s position is threatened by his incompetent boss, Gerdin is kidnapped, Hamad is suffering a psychosis and he is doing very surprising things, and his behavior affects a depressed Westman.

Final Part

Falleri fallera falleralla is the eighth and final part in the Hammarbyseries by Carin Gerhardsen. It is a dark novel and you can almost tell it is the last one. You get extra nervous because of this, not knowing who will survive until the end. There are many threads to tie together, but Gerhardsen does a great job and the novel is a worthy ending to a good series and we say farewell to the Hammarby detectives.


Original title in Swedish: Falleri fallera falleralla. (I do know know if/when the novel will be published in English.)

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