Error Message 404 by Erik Midander

Error Message 404 is a thriller for young adults, and it is openly targeting a younger audience. It is crucial to catch their interest from the get-go and keep it throughout the novel.

The novel includes quite a few clichés, but for many in the target group it will be the first time they encounter them so it is acceptable.

To fully appreciate the novel you should have some interest in technology and at least basic knowledge of computers/programming.


Linn’s dad disappears. Linn starts the search by hacking his computer and she comes in contact with a mysterious young woman who soon turn out to be an artificial intelligence…


If you know a 10-11 year-old that likes technology and computers but hate to read? Then Error Message 404 would be the perfect present!


Translator’s note: This novel is not available in English yet. Original Swedish title: Felkod 404.

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