Doors Open by Ian Rankin


Doors Open by Ian Rankin is about the millionaire and art lover Mike Mackenzie. Despite, or maybe because of, his comfortable lifestyle Mike is starting to feel like his life lacks meaning. His days pass by without the slightest excitement. He comes to life again when he and his friends Allan and the art professor Robert start planning a break-in at Edinburgh’s National Museum.

Art Heist

The plan is to walk into the storage area where the museum stores paintings that are not currently exhibited and then replace a few originals with forgeries. To justify the crime they tell themselves that they are rescuing the paintings from their solitary confinement in the museum’s storage area. The big break-in is supposed to happen when the museum has its annual open house – when areas that otherwise are closed to the public are open.

Something goes Wrong…

To realize the plan the three friends realize that they will need additional help. The art student Westie is hired to paint the forgeries, but they realize that the group is lacking the criminal expertise needed. By coincidence Mike runs into his old school friend Chib Calloway who has developed from the schoolyard bully to Edinburgh’s biggest gangster. It all starts good, but of course something goes wrong and Mike and his friends are in bigger trouble than they ever could have imagined.

Refreshing Crime Novel

No murders are committed in this story; the novel is about a group of men who take the step toward becoming art thieves. It is refreshing. It has been a long time since I read a crime novel from the criminal’s perspective and where the main character was not a police, medical examiner, lawyer or journalist.

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