Death on a Pale Horse by Amanda Hellberg

Supernatural in Oxford

When Maja Grå was a young girl her mom disappeared without a trace and a year or so later her dad passed away. Maja, who despite this fared pretty well during childhood, has been accepted to a prestigious art class in Oxford. As Maja is preparing to move, she finds out that her mom has been found murdered in Brighton. Maja believes that the mystery with her mom’s disappearance is a closed chapter of her life. But Maja has a special gift and she can see things that the rest of us cannot, and her mom will not leave her alone. The message from the other side is clear: Be careful, the enemy is among us.

Together with her new friends Nikita and Ashley, Maja lives a traditional student life with a mixture of partying and studying. Her social life is going great, but she is not doing so great in her art class and she is wondering why professor Chesterfield even accepted her to the class.

Maja’s special talents become more and more tangible and it turns out that a group of students died mysteriously in the student dorm where she and her friends live. Could there be a connection between her mother’s death and this event that is called ”the massacre at Mill Creek Manor?”

Refreshing Reading

This type of crime novel, a thriller with supernatural elements, is a refreshing genre for me. The fact that the book is written in first person, decreased my rating at first, but when I had got to know Maja it felt more natural than weird. Maja is a lovely, insecure, cute and unusual girl, who I really like. The author weaves together an exciting plot with interesting details from the world of art. There are few Swedish authors who manage to catch my attention, but I will follow Amanda Hellberg with great interest in the future.