Dead Man’s Footsteps

In this fourth novel about Inspector Roy Grace, Peter James has chosen to take us back to the horrors of the World Trade Centre catastrophe, which he does with a gentle hand and a lot of respect.

The hopelessly incompetent businessnanb Ronnie Wilson suddenly sees his chance to disappear The perfect way to slip away from all his debts

Wilson should have attended a meeting in the souhtern tower but was delayed…A few people knew about the meeting, but noone knew it actually never even started.

Wilson decides to join the volontaries, but instead of helping out to collect items, in order to identify victims by, he plants his own wallet on ground zero, hoping it will be found. He leaves the premises to start a new life…

In 2007 Inspector Roy Grace starts investigating the murder of a woman who has been dead and hidden for many years, and now has been discovered during the start up of a new building project.

At the same time, in Australia, a womans body is found in the boot of a car, that has been in the water quite some time.

Who is Abby Dawson? Why is she returning to England? And why has she made her apartment safer than Fort Knox?

Inspector Grace is following one lead after the other, wondering if, and in that case, how, these crimes are connected

Sub-plots are always interesting.. In this story, Peter James has thrown in Cassian Pewe. What kind of agenda does that man have?

Where does it lead, and does it in some weird way connect to the rest of the story?

As usual, Peter James has composed a brilliant criminal novel. Fresh and full of surprises.

What I like the most about Dead Man’s Footsteps? Well, the very first line is ingenious. It really does pull the reader right into the story in a very direct way.

But still, it is actually the very very last sentence that gets my 12 points.

BRILLIANT! How is that for a cliffhanger…

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