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The Library Thief

      Foto: Swedish Television  Swedish Television are currently sending a mini series called the Library Thief that I think is really interesting, especially if you love books. The series, that is based on a true story,  is a mix of … Continue reading

Rooney Mara as Lisbeth Salander

W Magazine gives us an exclusive look from the set of David Fincher’s film adaptation of The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo.   Click on this link for the article and to view photos of Rooney Mara as Lisbeth Salander.

Jumper and Reflex by Steven Gould

Genre It is very interesting how you divide books and movies into different genres. How do you know what belongs where and who has the final say when it is unclear? Anyway, Jumper is probably classified as science fiction, but … Continue reading

Icelandic Crime Series

During the Holidays I saw an icelandic Crime Series called the Cliff that I found interesting. Story An accident happens (or is it an accident?) and a man dies next to a cliff.  The man who died worked with his father with building … Continue reading

Courtroom classics

The 1950´s was mainly dominated by Hitchcock movies when it comes to crime movies but a new type of movie became popular during this decade – The Courtroom drama. 12 angry men This movie from 1957 takes place in one room … Continue reading

New Michael Connelly movie out 2011

Reviewer Oline Cogdill made me aware that one of Michael Connelly´s books will be released as a film in March 2011 (USA) – The Lincoln Lawyer   Connelly is most known for his character Harry Bosch but this film features … Continue reading

The Killing – A Danish Crime series

The Killing (Förbrydelsen)……is a Danish Crime Series that you should try and find on DVD. In season 1 a teenage girl is brutally killed. The main character is the Police Inspector Sarah Lund who we follow in her professional life as well as her personal … Continue reading