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The Lincoln Lawyer

The movie is entertaining as long as it lasts, but it will not stick with you. The story is good, but definitely not groundbreaking. The actors are doing a good job overall, even though the characters they are playing are … Continue reading

Miss Marple’s Turn

A few days ago I wrote about ”Sherlock – Case of Evil” from 2002, where the moviemakers presented a sexier version of Sherlock Holmes. Yesterday a Swedish newspaper reported that Disney will bring Miss Marple back to the big screen … Continue reading

Sherlock Holmes – Case of Evil

“Sherlock Holmes – Case of Evil” (also called “Sherlock”) from 2002 is a very unusual Sherlock movie adaptation. Storyline The movie starts with a young Sherlock shooting and “killing” Moriarty, but the body falls into a sewer system and is … Continue reading

American version of popular Danish Crime Series

A while ago I wrote about the Danish Crime series The Killing (Förbrydelsen in Danish). The American Television Company amc have now made an American version of it also named The Killing. You can read more about it here! Or watch this … Continue reading

Harry’s Law

Harry’s Law premiered on NBC in January this year. The TV series, a legal comedy-drama, was created by David E. Kelley (he also created “Ally McBeal”). Harriet’s Law & Fine Shoes The main character, Harriet “Harry” Korn, is played by … Continue reading


Wow, what a surprise! I had absolutely no expectations on this movie, but I have to admit that it was very entertaining. Storyline Frank Moses, a retired secret agent, is trying to live a calm and peaceful life. The only … Continue reading

A modern Sherlock Holmes!

In Sweden they are currently sending the British TV-series called Sherlock, a modern version of Sherlock Holmes. I hope they have sent it (or will send it soon) in your home countries because. If not, get it on DVD because this is the best I´ve … Continue reading