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Skyfall – Review

Action Movie of the Year Skyfall is by far the best Bond movie in the entire series! And it feels good to be able to write that! I have been a Bond fan ever since I was young and watched … Continue reading

Bond: GoldenEye

While GoldenEye may not be the best Bond movie, it holds a special spot on the top of my list because it introduced me and many in my generation to the James Bond character. There was a 6 year gap … Continue reading

Celebrating Five Decades of Bond

October 5, 2012, marks the 50th Anniversary of the premiere of the first James Bond movie “Dr. No”. The successful franchise is still going strong, and the 23rd movie “Skyfall” will premiere later this month.   Happy 50th Anniversary Mr. … Continue reading


New Holmes. New Watson. New York. Elementary, the new show on CBS, gives us a new Holmes, a new (female!) Watson and takes place in New York. Joan Watson is hired by Sherlock’s father to keep Sherlock off drugs. Sherlock’s … Continue reading

Headhunters – The Movie

I missed Headhunters while it was still showing in the theatres, but finally watched it on DVD the other day. The novel had a very complicated plot and I was eager to see how the novel would translate to the … Continue reading

Finally I enjoy running!

I recently started watching crime series/movies while running on a treadmill. It works surprisingly well with my Iphone (it will of course work with any smart phone)! The more intriguing/exciting the movie/episode is the more I forget that I´m tired … Continue reading


Audience Is Kept on Edge BBC’s modern adaptation of Sherlock Holmes has just finished showing its second season in the US. It airs on PBS and is also available to watch streaming. Unlike most American TV programs, the episodes are … Continue reading