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Side Effects

A recent Wall Street Journal article stated that about 16% of Americans will have a major depression in their lifetime, and that “many patients cycle through multiple drugs before they stumble upon one that works for them.” This is exactly … Continue reading


ABC’s new murder mystery competition Whodunnit? premiered Sunday night. CSI creator Anthony Zuiker is the man behind the show where thirteen amateur sleuths are competing for a grand prize of $250,000. They are all guests at the estate Rue Manor … Continue reading


Did I get nightmares after watching The Silence of the Lambs? Did I suspiciously think everyone around me was a potential serial killer when I read Red Dragon on a five-hour bus ride? Yes and yes. Even though I probably … Continue reading


I have to admit I was a bit skeptic about this movie. The genre (semi-biography) is not one of my favorites. But I happened to be on an airplane where this movie was playing, so I decided to give it … Continue reading

Bones, Bones and More Bones…

Netflix will be the death of me. I have found yet another series to consume too much of, and that is Bones! I cannot remember that I have ever seen an episode of Bones on TV. That in itself is … Continue reading


The movie Zodiac from 2007 is based on a true story about a serial killer in California, with the first murder taking place in 1969. The killer sends cryptic letters to the newspapers in San Francisco, and Jake Gyllenhaal plays … Continue reading

The Oxford Murders – The Movie

This movie from 2008 with Elijah Wood as the main character has been reviewed on our Swedish site earlier. Neither Erica not Sara liked it very much. Surprised I was pleasantly suprised when I finally watched the movie yesterday. I … Continue reading