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Royal Wedding

Today, in Sweden, We celebrate the wedding of our Princess Madeleine and her Chris O´Neill. It made me think about crime novels with Princess in the title. Here are two examples.   Camilla Läckberg – Ice Princess   Sara Blaedel … Continue reading

TheCrimeHouse on Vacation: Newseum

I had wanted to visit the Newseum for a long time, and on our trip to Washington D.C. in April we finally went. We spent several hours there and that was still not enough time to see all the exhibits. … Continue reading

What is your favorite holiday?

If you are a crime fiction fan it may be Easter. At least if you are from Norway where “paskekrim” (Easter Crime Fiction) is a tradition. Most people have five days off for Easter, and all major TV networks show … Continue reading

A Taste of Crime: Sherlock Holmes Cookbook

I found the Sherlock Holmes Cookbook from the seventies and thought I would try some exciting recipe.   However, I changed my mind after having looked through the recipes. I must say that British food is not my favorite (sorry!) … Continue reading

The Solution to our Murder Mystery – A Case for Mr Falk

Here is the solution for our Advent Calendar – A Case for Mr Falk!   Click here to go to the murder mystery, you will find the answer on the last page!

The right answer to the Advent Calendar – Coming soon!

The answer will be published very soon!

Advent Calendar: Door 24 (The Last Door)

Click the door to open it! Our Advent Calendar this year is a Murder Mystery. Behind every door you will find a clue..   Murder Mystery and Instructions Click here to read the back story for the Murder Mystery (takes about … Continue reading