Cars 2 – Pixar Goes Bond?

I am a big fan of Pixar’s movies. They can tell a good story and also create extremely beautiful animations at the same time. In other words, what is there not to like?

For the sequel to Cars, Cars 2, Pixar has chosen to create a children’s version of James Bond, well maybe not quite, a British agent movie is maybe a better description. But this time they do not succeed with the storyline, which is too weak. It may be entertaining for really young children, but for 12-year-olds it will be too childish. For us even older “children” there is nothing entertaining about the story. Too bad.

However, the animation is INCREDIBLY beautiful, but it is not enough to save the movie.

The movie is worth seeing for the young audience that liked the first Cars movie, but it is not a great choice if the whole family wants to watch a movie.

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