Cabal of the Westford Knight by David S. Brody

Cabal of the Westford Knight: Templars at the Newport Tower by David S. Brody is a historical conspiracy thriller. Think The Da Vinci Code but on the other side of the Atlantic and you are not too far off.

Trying to help an elderly couple keep their home, lawyer Cameron Thorne finds himself on the run alongside researcher Amanda. Gathering clues across the Northeast United States, they reveal information that has been suppressed by the Catholic Church for centuries. Templar knights, buried treasures, the Jesus bloodline – does it sound familiar?

Brody blurs the line between fact and fiction, and he even includes photographs of historical artifacts. The book is inspired by the Westford Knight legend, which puts North European explorers in North America prior to Columbus. The claim is typically rejected by archeologists and historians, but by the end of the book I definitely consider the possibility that the legend can be real.

The book did not keep me up at night, but it is still  worth reading and I will definitely keep an eye out for the sequel, which Brody currently is working on.

Visit Brody’s blog to join in a discussion of exploration of North America before Columbus.

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