[buzz] by Anders de la Motte

An Excellent Sequel

[buzz] is the sequel to Anders de la Motte’s very successful first novel [geim], which I have been looking forward to. I was not disappointed. [buzz] is even better than the first novel!


Background from [geim]:

HP finds a cellphone. The phone asks him via a textmessage if he wants to play a game. HP accepts and becomes a part of a game that involves completing different missions in real life. Everything is filmed by the phone and posted on a secret site. Well executed missions give you a lot of points which in turn can be exchanged for money. HP soon becomes the star of the game and life is great! But it does not take long before he realizes that everything is not like it first seemed…


HP is on the run from the game. He has plenty of money and is living a dream life. But he does not feel satisfied. He misses the highs that the game gave him. When he gets to know a beautiful woman who soon thereafter is murdered, his life takes a quick turn… Before he knows it he has to play Nancy Drew and try to find out who could be behind the murder. Could the game be involved?

At the same time Rebecca is accused of professional misconduct. As if that was not enough she also discovers that someone is writing about her on an Internet forum…


The storyline in [buzz] is to a large extent about how information online. Can you control it? Those of you who run your own site probably knows the term search engine optimization, so in some ways you can… But [buzz] takes it to new dimensions and also succeeds in incorporating the subject in a really exciting crime novel.

Even though the story (and the subject it is built around) is both interesting and exciting it is the character HP that makes the novel spectacular!

HP is undeniably a very interesting character…

…Badboy? Yes…

…Heart of gold? You could probably say that…

…Drama-queen? Yes ! In HP’s world everything that revolves arount him is of “biblical proportions” 😉

Despite all this, it is very easy to relate to him!

Read [geim] first

I do not know if [buzz] is marketed as an independent sequel, but I would not recommend anyone to read it without having read [geim] first. But I do recommend everyone to read both of the books!


Anders de la Motte is in a class of his own

Anders de la Motte has with only two books become one of my absolute favorite authors! Or like HP would have said: he is simply f**ing extraordinary! (HP would not have censored himself, but then again he does not need to think about search engine optimization! 😉 )

I am eagerly waiting for the final novel in the trilogy. (Translators note: the third book [bubble] will be released in Swedish in September 2012).


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