Burned by Thomas Enger

Injured Reporter Makes a Comeback in Norwegian Debut Novel

Henning Juul used to be a successful investigative reporter. After he becomes severely injured in a fire, which also takes the life of his son Jonas, his life is put on hold. He battles with obsessive thoughts and the memories of what happened, but now, two years later, it is time to return to life. And by life we mean the work as a reporter at one of Norway’s largest Internet newspapers where the number of page visits is key, which in turn demands very spectacular articles.

The same day as Henning walk into the editorial office for the first time in two years, a young woman is stoned to death. The killer has desecrated the body in a number of different ways and Henning is assigned to the gruesome story. The police arrests a suspect but Henning, who believes the man is innocent, follows leads into a different direction. His path is filled with problems and it does not take long before he realizes that someone is following his every step.

I like Henning!

The storyline seems exciting, but it is the description of the main character that is the best part. Thomas Enger has succeeded in filling his first novel “Burned” with so much grief that I almost start crying by the end of the first chapter.

Translator’s note: The title in Swedish is “Skendöd”

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