Bloodline by Mark Billingham


Detective Inspector Tom Thorne has just found out that his girlfriend Louise had a miscarriage. Shaken up and on his way from the hospital he is called back into duty since a woman has been found murdered. It is not unusual; murder is a part of Tom’s everyday life. The strange thing is that the victim’s mother was also murdered 15 years ago. The fate shared by mother and daughter seems to be a coincidence at first, but the investigation takes another turn when a second victim is found. This victim’s mother was also murdered 15 years ago, by the same killer. Fifteen years ago the killer was named Raymond Garvey and it is clear that the current killer is very impressed by Garvey’s “work” and intends to continue it by killing the next generation. Thorne and his team do their best to protect the children who are still alive.

Humor and Feelings

Even though the storyline is not exactly original I am caught up by Billingham’s way of using the language and characters. Despite the fact that murder is such a dark subject, he still succeeds in mixing in a large amount of humor. I get caught up in the story right away and it starts at a high speed. It slows down at times, and that is when we get to know Thorne and the other characters better. Billingham is fairly good at describing feelings; he describes the grief that follows a miscarriage, and the support and happiness given by friends. The connection between Thorne and his best friend, the homosexual, pierced pathologist Phil Hendricks always make me smile.

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