Blood Red Crayfish: the Hunt for Henry Wu

Asian Crime Novels

Last year Sara pointed out that she had not read that many Asian crime novels. She decided to read Qiu Xialong’s Death of a Red Heroine, which she thought was one of the best novels she read last year.

Ola Wong

Ola Wong comes from Sweden, but since he has roots in China, a successful career as a correspondent in China and lives in Shanghai since 2002 Blood Red Crayfish feels a bit like an Asian crime novel. (Yes, I know I am cheating.)

Blood Red Crayfish: the Hunt for Henry Wu is Ola Wong’s first crime novel and it takes place in China, Hong Kong, and southern Sweden.

Eliza Su

The main character, Eliza Su, has Chinese parents but grew up in Sweden. She has just turned 31 and her mother is asking for grandchildren, which is difficult since the man in her life is her married boss.

On the back of the book it says “Imagine a mix between Stieg Larsson and Marian Keyes…” I agree with the statement, since Eliza reminds me of Lisbeth in many ways but also acts like a character in a chic-lit novel.


Eliza works for Risk Control, a company that helps other companies minimize risk and prevent scandals from becoming public.

It does not take long before Eliza has exposed a factory in China that dealt with corruption, sex slaves and child workers. (The company that owns the factory is named Red Lobster, which makes me think of the American restaurant chain, maybe since it’s close to lunchtime…)

Henry Wu is the owner of Red Lobster and when Eliza causes him to lose his company and most of his money, a lot of things start going wrong in Eliza’s life…

My Opinion

Despite the fact that I don’t like novels that are told in the first person, dislike stereotypes and is bothered tremendously when authors mix up their characters, I still like this novel. Maybe because the novel ends with a thorough explanation in true whodunit fashion. It will be interesting to see how Eliza’s character will evolve in future novels about her.

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