Headhunter – a Nesbø novel

Scandinavian crime author The Norwegian crime author Jo Nesbø is most famous for his books about the police man Harry Hole, a loner, a loose canon. This novel  is an independent novel and is more like a thriller. Some might miss Hole … Continue reading

The Library Thief

      Foto: Swedish Television  Swedish Television are currently sending a mini series called the Library Thief that I think is really interesting, especially if you love books. The series, that is based on a true story,  is a mix of … Continue reading

A great Follow Up

Crime novels written by two sisters Linda recently read the book Some kind of calm by the two sisters Camilla Grebe and Åsa Träff.  Now I have read that book as well as the sisters second book that is called Bittrarer än … Continue reading

Icelandic Crime Series

During the Holidays I saw an icelandic Crime Series called the Cliff that I found interesting. Story An accident happens (or is it an accident?) and a man dies next to a cliff.  The man who died worked with his father with building … Continue reading

Jean-François Parot x 5

I celebrated Christmas in Sundsvall which was really nice with a lot of snow and nice people. Unfortunately I got a cold as a Christmas “gift” and now I´m at home surrounded by handkerchiefs, medicines and tea cups. Lucky for me … Continue reading

A new Swedish trilogy by Stefan Tegelfalk

I´ve recently discovered a Swedish crime author called Stefan Tegelfalk who has written the two first books in a thriller trilogy. Story What seems to be perfectly normal citizens suddenly goes crazy and commit the most terrible crimes. Inspector Walter Gröhn … Continue reading

Even Nobel price winners writes Crime Novels!

Today the Nobel price winners received their diploma in Stockholm. (see pictures here!). After that a Big Gala Dinner in Stockholm for all the Nobel Laureates will follow. There, they will dine with our Royal family and 12000 other guest in the famous Blue … Continue reading