The Scarred Woman by Jussi Adler-Olsen

I am a big fan of Jussi Adler-Olsen’s books about Detective Carl Mørck and Department Q, Copenhagen’s cold case division.  I read the first three novels in one stretch and it is impossible not to fall in love with the … Continue reading

The Chemist by Stephanie Meyer

  Known for Twilight Stephanie Meyer is mainly known for the incredibly popular Twilight series (vampire-themed novels). I was both skeptic and curious when I started reading. I didn’t like the Twilight movies, but have to admit I haven’t read … Continue reading

Those Who Follow

I like conspiracy thrillers, but it is definitely an art to write them. The trick is to get the reader to believe – at least while they are reading – that this could happen in real life. Then it needs … Continue reading

Snow White Must Die

Brilliant Crime Novel What a great first read this summer! Snow White Must Die is the first novel in a German series by Nele Neuhaus about police detectives Pia Kirchhoff and Oliver von Bodenstein. The story begins when a man … Continue reading

Tell No Tales by Eva Dolan

Eva Dolan This was my first encounter with British author Eva Dolan, whose first novel was Long Way Home. Tell No Tales is #2 in the series. (The 3rd novel is called After You Die.) Politically Very Current What hit … Continue reading

The Secret Place by Tana French

  The Secret Place is Tana French’s 5th novel about the Dublin Murder Squad. I like Tana French. She is a master at creating an uncomfortable feeling and skilled at creating exciting and complex characters. The detectives Stephen Moran and Antoinette … Continue reading

The Director by Angelika Braun

Hyped Crime Fiction Debut The Director is the moviemaker Angelika Braun’s debut in the crime fiction world. There has been a lot of hype about this novel, and there are already plans for a movie. Thriller The novel was presented … Continue reading