Interview with Dennis Lehane

Dear Dennis, We are pleased to welcome you to the leading Scandinavian crime novel website! To many of your Scandinavian readers, you appeared on the novel scene first with Mystic River which is really your 6th novel. What are your thoughts … Continue reading

A Carol for the Dead by Patrick Dunne

A Carol for the Dead is a very exciting crime novel; it is filled with unexpected turns, which keeps you on the edge of your seat until the surprising ending. The story takes place in County Meaths during Christmas time. … Continue reading

Interview with Naïri Nahapétian

First of all, I must ask you to tell us a little about yourself since you are unknown to most of the Swedish people. Hello! I was born in Tehran in 1970 in an Armenian family, and left Iran for France … Continue reading

Interview with Jonas Moström

Swedish author Jonas Moström, welcome to TheCrimeHouse! Thank you! I look forward to an exciting visit. . How do you get the idea to write a crime novel when you work as a physician? As a physician you meet a … Continue reading

The Murder Farm

The Murder Farm is a collection of witness accounts where one of the narrators most likely is the killer. Could it be that the German author Andrea Maria Schenkel has found a new way of telling a story? Germany Post-World … Continue reading

The Case of the Missing Servant by Tarquin Hall

The Case of the Missing Servant by Tarquin Hall is both charmig and rather amusing, but nevertheless I find it too much of a copy of The no 1 Ladies Detective Agency. The story takes place in India today, and … Continue reading

Spejlet i Poppi by Jan Dybdahl

This is my first encounter with the author Jan Dybdahl. This means that I had no particular expectations of he work, which I often ( consciously or subconsciously) have when I pick up a book by an author I have … Continue reading