Maria Wern #15

The girl Mirela is bullied by an older boy and she does not know what to do, and she refuses to tell her mother. She looks forward to getting away from the boy when she gets the opportunity to go … Continue reading

The Bilderberg Summit by Anders Jallai

Anton Modin, a former intelligence officer is back in a fourth thriller that takes place in the fishing village where he lives. As usual the author mixes fact and fiction, and this novel is, if possible, even more controversial. The … Continue reading

Alex King is Back

A British diplomatic family in Stockholm is subject to a number of kidnappings and threats. Their ten-month-old son is kidnapped to later be returned repeatedly. The nanny and teenage daughter also disappear at separate occasions. Who wants to demonstrate their … Continue reading

Interview with Emelie Schepp

Photo: Eva Lindblad Emelie, welcome to TheCrimeHouse! For our readers who may not know who you are, can you please tell us a little bit about yourself? I was born and raised in Motala, Sweden and now I live outside Norrköping, … Continue reading

Happy Nation by Liza Marklund

  A former politician is severely tortured and then found unconscious in his fancy home in Solsidan outside Stockholm, Sweden. His wife Nora is missing without a trace and their children is found at his sister’s house. The event becomes … Continue reading

MWA University

Last weekend I attended MWA University, a one day seminar, organized by Mystery Writers of America. What did we learn? We learned how to develop an idea, create a dramatic structure, plot and intriguing characters, how to describe a setting, … Continue reading

Answer if You Hear Me by Ninni Schulman

The moose hunting season has started in Sweden and Pär Sanner’s fourteen-year-old daughter joins him in the woods one cold October morning. Petra Wilander is a member of the same hunting team and she gets suspicious when father and daughter … Continue reading