Stalker by Lars Kepler

Someone is secretly filming women, then sending the clip to the police and shortly thereafter killing them. The murders remind the police of a murder that happened nine years ago, but the priest Rocky Kyrklund who was convicted is still … Continue reading

Retaliation by Thomas Erikson

Zoran Roskic has committed many serious crimes and he is in the police’s custody waiting for his trial when the novel begins. In previous cases his attorney has always been able to get him acquitted, but this time the evidence … Continue reading

Sebastian Bergman is back

A whole family, mother, father, and two sons, are murdered in Torsby in Sweden. The local police needs help and the national police along with Sebastian Bergman, psychologist an expert profiler, is called in. The boys’ ten-year-old cousin Nicole was … Continue reading

The Shadows by Katarina Wennstam

An Eye for an Eye, a Tooth for a Tooth Men who hate women, abusers and rapists have to look out. In Wennstam’s latest novel we get to meet a group of women who have decided that society’s punishments are … Continue reading

Interview with Jenny Rogneby

Photo: Mikael Eriksson Jenny Rogneby’s first crime novel about Leona Lindberg was recently released. The novel was a breath of fresh air and impossible to put down. Jenny, welcome to TheCrimeHouse! For our readers who may not know who you … Continue reading

Leona: The Die Is Cast by Jenny Rogneby

Seven-year-old Bank Robber A naked, bloody, seven-year-old girl robs a bank in Stockholm, Sweden. No one in the bank dares to do anything fearing the girl may be harmed even more. Leona Lindberg becomes responsible for the investigation. Unconventional Character … Continue reading

Thicker than Water by Carin Gerhardsen

Several cats are drowned and placed near water and the Hammarby Police is looking for the culprit. When a psychologist is drowned in her bathtub that case becomes prioritized. But is there a connection? When a man dies in a … Continue reading