Liza Marklund at Krimifestival München

There is undeniably a lot of interest for Swedish author Liza Marklund in Germany. The organizers even had to move the event to a larger venue! Funnier than in Sweden Something that surprised me was that we got to see … Continue reading

[buzz] by Anders de la Motte

An Excellent Sequel [buzz] is the sequel to Anders de la Motte’s very successful first novel [geim], which I have been looking forward to. I was not disappointed. [buzz] is even better than the first novel! Storyline Background from [geim]: … Continue reading

Sennentuntschi: Curse of the Alps

This is a Swiss movie from 2010 that is part classic murder mystery, and part horror and supernatural thriller. The movie contains a lot of incredibly beautiful places and the director really pays attention to details. The Storyline The story … Continue reading

Crazy Crime Writer

My theory is that all crime writers (and any other author) must be a little crazy to succeed. A reader (who also happens to be a crime writer) sent me a link to this article. Apparently an American crime writer … Continue reading

Cars 2 – Pixar Goes Bond?

I am a big fan of Pixar’s movies. They can tell a good story and also create extremely beautiful animations at the same time. In other words, what is there not to like? For the sequel to Cars, Cars 2, … Continue reading

Tintin – Magnificent!

This past weekend it was finally time to see The Adventures of Tintin. Wow! You could tell in every frame of the movie that the creators really love the characters! Storyline Tintin is dragged into a wild treasure hunt when … Continue reading

Gratis är gott*

*Swedish expression meaning “free tastes good” Right now you can get Double Exposure by Michael Lister as an ebook FREE from Amazon and Barnes & Noble! For those of us not living in the US: I don’t know if international … Continue reading