Skyfall – Review

Action Movie of the Year Skyfall is by far the best Bond movie in the entire series! And it feels good to be able to write that! I have been a Bond fan ever since I was young and watched … Continue reading

Grebe & Träff’s Third Novel

These sisters can write! Their raw talent is obvious in this novel. It is the third in the series about therapist Siri Bergman. I had not read the other two but that was not a problem at all. The Storyline … Continue reading

The Raven

Storyline The movie takes place in Maryland in the 19th century. A serial killer is on the loose in the city. All murders have one thing in common; they are based on works by Edgar Allan Poe. The famous author … Continue reading

The Spiral – Review

Hmm… It is stylish and lavish, but unfortunately they do no succeed in selling the ”story.” The acting is very uneven; some are ok, while others are awful! The Story The Spiral aims high. It wants to be an epic, … Continue reading

Some Lines Break by Varg Gyllander

Varg Gyllander is a really good writer, but his editor is too lax. There are too many sidetracks from the main story, which makes the book too fragmented, too long, and at times too slow. The main story starts with … Continue reading

Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries

This Australian TV series (13 episodes) is a real gem. It was shown in Australia this spring and was released on DVD early this summer. Based on Book Series The series is based on a series of books by Kerry … Continue reading

21 Jump Street – The Movie (2012)

A childish, predictable, stupid remake…but I have to admit it has been a while since I laughed this much! I was a big fan of the TV series when it was shown on Swedish cable TV the first time (when … Continue reading