“Askungar” by Kristina Ohlsson

A parent’s worst nightmare is that your child will disappear, and that is exactly what happens in the beginning of the book. A mother is left at Flemingsberg’s station and her daughter disappears without a trace as the train arrives to the station in Stockholm.

More children disappear, battered women appear and it is not until the very end you understand what the first chapter was actually about.

“Askungar” is the first novel by Kristina Ohlsson and the story is well organized. I like how the perspective shifts between different characters and even if I was able to figure out the killer’s motive the killer’s identity remained a mystery. But there are no surprises when it comes to the police characters as they are all very stereotypical. I still recommend the book and look forward to a second book by Kristina Ohlsson. (I do not know if/when the book will be available in English.)