Two Asian Crime novels

asiatiskakriminalromanerI asked Jan from The Swedish bookstore “The English Bookshop” to send me a couple of Asian crime novels.  I need to widen my horizons when it comes to crime literature from other continents. 


The book to the left…
…is a Hard-boiled novel by the chines crime writer Wang Shuo. On the back it says that the main character is a mixture of Raymond Chandler and Bruce Lee.. 


The book to the right….
…is written by an Indian/German female writer who lives in USA but writes about a tough American/Japanese woman who gets her self involved in a murder case.


I have no idea if the books will be good but I trust Jan and my last Asian crime novel Qui Xiaolong´s Death of a red heroin was a real hit so here we go! I will of course write reviews of both books after reading them.

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