Anna Jansson – The Eternal Fire of Alchemy

Anna Jansson

Is a Swedish crime author and a former nurse who recently released her 12th book about the police Maria Wern on the idyllic and exotic Island Gotland in Sweden. I have followed the series since the start and really like it. Some of the books have been made into TV-movies as well. !This book may have a different name when translated in to english!


The theme in this book is alchemy and the story is about the Artist Justus, his beautiful wife and four colleagueswho is bonded together by a terrible secret. The book starts with Maria Werns boss searching for his missing uncle Justus. The search takes them to the mainland and the Kosta Boda Art Hotel. There they discover a body on “display” that is linked to Justus.  The picture above that I took from the hotels website  is a clue to what on “display” means.


As usual Anna Jansson jumps between past and present as so many crime authors do these days. She does it very well. Another thing that is typical for Anna Jansson is good research and accuracy which adds weight to the story.


Anna Jansson is good at building interesting characters. I particularly liked Justus but I wish she could have worked a bit more on the main character Maria Wern but I guess it is understandable that the main character goes a bit on auto-pilot after 12 books.

Over all impression

This was perhaps not the best book Anna Jansson has written but Anna Jansson has a very high lowest point. If you haven´t read any of her books before I definitely recommend that you try her books.

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