“Änglalik” by Veronica von Schenck

It is difficult to translate the Swedish title Änglalik since it has multiple meanings. It means angelic but also angel’s corpse. A very fitting title as the reader will learn. (I do not know if or when the novel will be available in English.)

The main character Althea Molin is a licensed psychologist and criminal profiler. She has recently returned to Sweden from New York where she was brutally attacked. She is looking forward to some peace and quiet, but a serial killer is on the loose in Stockholm and three women are found dead in suitcases. Althea’s childhood friend Rickard works as a police in the investigation and contacts her for help. She takes the job after some hesitation, and she almost regrets this when the killer starts sending picture messages of her to her cellphone.

Veronica von Schenck’s first novel leaves me wanting more. I want a sequel but also more pages in this book, since I think the plot would have been better with more substance. I also think it is strange that Althea puts herself in dangerous situations when she knows that someone is stalking her, especially knowing that she was recently attacked. A plus is that I thought I knew who the killer was but was wrong. In the end I give the book two thumbs up and look forward to reading the sequel.

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