Alex King is Back

A British diplomatic family in Stockholm is subject to a number of kidnappings and threats. Their ten-month-old son is kidnapped to later be returned repeatedly. The nanny and teenage daughter also disappear at separate occasions. Who wants to demonstrate their power? The police do not have any leads and Alex King get involved in the case since he lives next door to the family.

This is the third novel in the series about behavioral scientist Alex King. His way of analyzing people is fascinating and therefore it is frustrating that he cannot figure out his own actions, especially when it comes to his relationship with the policewoman Nina.

This novel is about power and people’s motivations. It is definitely worth reading, but it is not as good as the first two novels, The Illusion and Atrocity. For the next one I would like the author to put more focus on Alex King’s relationships and hopefully he will figure them out better than he has in the past.


Original title in Swedish: Vanmakt


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