Solution: How the Murder Was Committed


Joanna Svensson planned the murder carefully. She bought the tickets for the concert. She poisoned her husband with ipecac syrup the day of the show. She rigged a gun in the closet, with a wire around the trigger and attached it to the door. She hid Walter’s phone in the closet. During intermission she called Walter who got up to answer. He was shot when he opened the closet door. When Joanna came home she did not have time to get rid of the murder weapon or the equipment that was used to rig the weapon, so it was still in the home when the police arrived.




Several clues showed that Joanna was having an affair. It is also suggested that the marriage was not that good. There are also some clues that suggest a gambling addiction.



Red Herrings

7 – Shave Lotion

10 – Contact Lenses

11 – Cat




1 – The phone shows the missed call from Joanna that made Walter open the closet

2 – Small glass splinters on the pillow, which was probably used to suppress the sound when Joanna broke the window after Walter’s death

3 – Part of a love letter

4 – On the notepad there is a note regarding a meeting with a representative for a life insurance company

5 – Empty DVD case of Murder, She Wrote (The Compete 8th Season)

6 – The murder weapon has strange marks on the handle

8 – Part of a love letter

9 – Receipt for a romantic dinner for two on November 3, 2012 (also see door 12)

12 – The itinerary shows that Walter was not in the country on November 3, 2012. (Some thought the itinerary was forged since the flights seemed to short. However, as a standard all times are local, which is also the case here.)

13 – A scratch lottery ticket (suggests gambling)

14 – Bottle of ipecac syrup

15 – Next to the remote controls is an Application for Divorce

16 – Damage to the closet rod where the weapon was rigged

17 – Part of a love letter

18 – The ticket for the concert showing that Joanna bought it and not Walter like she claimed

19 – Bingo marker (suggests gambling)

20 – Tool to rig the gun

21 – Behind the two main windows on the computer you can see a link for a gun training course that is purple (someone has clicked on the link)

22 – X-ray picture of the content of a cabinet showing things that Joanne used to rig the weapon (since she did not have time to get rid of it)

23 – Walter’s broken bloody wrist watch that stopped when Joanna called him

24 – Episode 16 of Murder, She Wrote is playing on the TV (door 5 showed it was season 8). This episode is called Ever After and use the same murder method as Joanna did.