A Swedish Debutant

corpusdelictiCrime authors with another profession

It is very modern in crime fiction that people write books where they can mix in bits and part from another profession. This very often adds something extra to the book if the person also can write well. I recently read Corpus Delicti, written by the Swedish pathologist Elias Palm.



Palm writes about a female pathologist (Ella) who is overworked and about to split with her boyfriend. When they find an old body they also find some things connected to the body that stirs up memories from Ellas childhood. What really happened when their house burned down….?

I thought…

I learned a lot of how pathologists works and Palm has got a talent for writing. There was a creepy feeling through the book, the characters were interesting and a bit odd (but not too odd) and the intrigue was well thought through with some surprises.

Palm is writing on book number two that I definitely want to read. Hopefully his books will be translated to other languages.

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