A new Swedish trilogy by Stefan Tegelfalk


I´ve recently discovered a Swedish crime author called Stefan Tegelfalk who has written the two first books in a thriller trilogy.


What seems to be perfectly normal citizens suddenly goes crazy and commit the most terrible crimes. Inspector Walter Gröhn and his apprentice Jonna de Brugge tries to solve the crimes which at first doesn´t seem to have anything to do with another. Together they have to find out what or who makes these people commit these horrible crimes. The story continues and evolves in to something even bigger  in the second book. The third book has not been published yet.

Modern Crime Novel

This is a typical modern criminal trilogy- at least in Sweden. 1.  The author shifts between multiple characters, both heroes and villains. 2. The books have a high tempo and are thrilling. 2. It is a trilogy with a connecting story.


The characters in the books are in many ways stereotypes but in other ways not. There is something about them that I really liked. I could put my self in the heads of all the characters and somehow understand what they were coming from. I even felt a bit sorry for one of the murderers!

Worth reading?

I liked the books. They were page turners, thrilling and entertaining.  Now I´m just waiting for the third book. Hopefully the trilogy will be sold and translated to other countries as well.

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