A modern Sherlock Holmes!

In Sweden they are currently sending the British TV-series called Sherlock, a modern version of Sherlock Holmes. I hope they have sent it (or will send it soon) in your home countries because. If not, get it on DVD because this is the best I´ve seen in a long time!

 British production

The series who is from 2010 is produced by Hartswood film and BBC Wales. Starring is Benedict Cumberbatch who before this was unknown to me. Dr Watson is played by Martin Freeman (The Office). There are three episodes in the first season that are loosely based on some of the original Holmes-novels. For example, A Study in Pink (A study in Scarlet) and The blind Banker (The Dancing Men, and the sign of four). BBC has confirmed that there will be a second season that will air in Britain in late 2011.

Sherlock Holmes is……

…timeless. I always compare crime novels to Doyle’s work (and he almost always win) but it is not until now that I realize just how timeless his characters are. The characters fits just as good in the 21st century as in the 19th century. Dr Watson returns to London after serving in Afghanistan (and India) just as he did then. Instead of smoking pipes, Holmes uses nicotine patches. The art of deduction is just as important now as it was then and Holmes gets help from teenagers from the underground world.

Great atmosphere

What I liked most with the series is that it was exciting, sometimes exotic, funny. The actors are fantastic but most important, I really felt like it was a great update of, and a tribute to Doyle’s work.

To sum it up

Watch Sherlock!

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