A Hard Death by Jonathan Hayes

After having read Precious Blood, Jonathan Hayes´s first crime novel, I was eager to read A Hard Death.

Forensic pathologist Edward Jennes is back in a thriller that takes place in a small coastal town. Edward Jenner, who has been working in New York, has recovered from the events in Precious Blood, but rumors still follow him. The fiery scandal journalist Amanda Tucker is following him as well. Jenner´s New York doctor´s license was revoked, and he has a temporary position in the small town Port Fontaine in Douglas County, Florida.

Jenner finds the bodies of a murdered man and woman in a sunken car. It turns out to be the severely decomposed remains of Jenner´s friend and colleague Marty Roburn and his wife. The same colleague Jenner is currently substituting for, and who should have been on a luxury cruise.

Jenner follows the tracks and ends up in a peculiar criminal conspiracy. Can Jenner trust anybody at all?

Extreme Violence

The thriller is very American (I know it´s a stereotype), violent and sexist. There are plenty of characters that are extremely despicable, one worse than the other. And they all seem to enjoy inflicting pain in a number of ways. In my opinion there is way too much unnecessary violence, at the expense of an interesting story.

I feel disappointed and I will probably not read any other novels by this good writer because of the extreme violence that disgust me.


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